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Rosmetic Medical Center was founded in 2020 in Al Saqr Business Tower and operates today as a modern and exquisite medical facility.

Our approach is both curative and aesthetic, with a primary focus on cosmetic medicine. In our skin care clinic, you will find the best dermatologists in Dubai, with extensive experience in cosmetic procedures. They will also care for your skin health and provide treatment for any dermatological disease that affects your wellbeing and appearance. Our cosmetic medicine department has various services and treatments to offer, and every member of our team is qualified for the job.

Our Team

From the moment you enter Rosmetic Medical Center, you will feel that you’re in the right place. We make sure that our clients are comfortable at all times in our medical facility and provide everything they need at all times. We do not project the “no pain, no gain” environment of most aesthetic clinics. You will enter and leave our clinic beautiful and relaxed.

Our team is devoted to medical beauty service, and even our administrative staff are trained to care for your requirements as a patient. They go through special customer service qualifications to ensure premium services to our loyal patients. Our cleaning staff is also trained to maintain our medical facility disinfected and pristinely clean. As a beauty clinic, our equipment makes contact with the skin, and we need to ensure the asepsis of the facility. This is only achieved by using the right combination of cleaning products and highly trained staff.

Our doctors and nurses are in the spotlight. Thus, we choose them with the highest level of demand. You will only find highly-skilled doctors in our facilities and the best skin care professionals in Dubai. They will recommend you the latest strategies and cosmetic treatments to revive your skin beauty and regain your confidence.

Together, our team at Rosmetic Medical Center is here for you to provide the best solutions to your medical beauty concerns.


I’ve been visiting a lot of different therapists after my husband deceased, but only Julia was able to get me back on track! She is just a miracle worker, especially when it comes to working with people with strong anxiety disorders…

Gary Lewis

My teenage son Harry suffered from a huge anxiety disorder since he was 8. Luckily, one of my friends recommended me this counseling group and after just a year of sessions, he was absolutely back to normal!

Nickie O`Malley

After my parents both suffered from some tragic events recently, I was all cloaked in depression. Thank God such good therapists as these exist, helping people in severely anxious conditions to spring back to a normal way of life!

Gerladina Smith

Our Services

Botox and Filler

Botox and Filler

Acne Treatment

Acne treatment

Platement Rish Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Face Lift

Face Lift

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